Clash Royale cheats is a popular hack tool particularly for gamers. This has become a manageable way for the players to achieve their goal in the game. With its beneficial and interesting features, anyone would love to try the tool and experience the enjoyment of playing within your comfort zone. Yet, do you know how this tool works?

Using this tool is so simple. One of the tips to make the Clash Royale work is to continue in opening chests that you encounter in the game. No matter how many they are, never stop opening for potential chests that will take you to the chest of Coronas. You should do this daily before even beginning the next level.

Every after four hours, you will see a Free Box that will automatically appear. You can use this to store a maximum of 2 chests that will soon open. Therefore, you will have to wait for 8 hours for the two boxes to reveal what’s inside.

You need to remember that by the time that you acquired the first crown from the present chest, the Cofre de Coronas’ timer will be reset every day, meaning it will take you 24 hours to grab the chance of getting the Coronas’ chest. This makes it very important that you do your best to acquire at least a crown even before a new chest of Coronas become available. Take note, this is a game so always be at your best.